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An Appeal to Heaven Flag with the “liberty” tree

For many modern Americans it might be surprising to learn that one of the first national mottos and flags was “an appeal to Heaven.” Where did this phrase originate, and why did the Americans identify themselves with it?

To understand the meaning behind the Pinetree Flag we must go back to John Locke’s influential Second Treatise of Government (1690). In this book, the famed philosopher explains that when a government becomes so oppressive and tyrannical that there no longer remains any legal remedy for citizens, they can appeal to Heaven and then resist that tyrannical government through a revolution. Locke turned to the Bible to explain his argument: (click here to read more)

HLRW’s media card

This social media card was created to make life easier for you. It lists all of the social media platforms that Highland Lakes Republican Women currently utilizes to engage with the community. All are listed in one convenient spot! Print out the list and put it on your desk, refrigerator, or wherever you see fit. That way, you can easily access the information needed to find us online. You can find us from either your desktop computer, laptop computer, Tablet, or Cell phone.


Noteworthy: A new Nextdoor group called, “Llano County Republicans”created for you!

HLRW Vice President, Jessica McRee-Grabert, in a collaborative effort to bridge the gap in communication between an organization and its members, formed this new group on the Nextdoor website to help keep Republican people of Llano County notified and informed of current activities, meetings, and events held by the Highland Lakes Republican Women, Star Republican Women, and the Llano County Republican Club. -Stay informed by joining the group today.

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HLRW’s Some Recent End of Year Activities:

Burnet County Republican Women have a great new team of officers for 2023. Pictures above (from right to left): President-Mary Jane Avery, Vice President-Carolyn Alexander, Secretary-Darlene Hargett, Treasurer-Dottie Stueckroth, PAC Treasurer-Carolyn Richmond. and Asst. Treasurer-Brenda Miles.

Singing, “God Bless America”!

Star Republican Women – Installation of Officers for 2023. Starting from the right: Judge Ron Cunningham, President-Sara Boyd, VP Programs-Kathy Hussey, VP Membership-Debbie Lambert, Secretary-Kathy Stahl, Treasurer-Pam St Clair.

Let us rejoice in all the blessings that Christmas brings. Join us for a Christmas party, December 15th.

WHO: Highland Lakes Republican Women

WHAT: Christmas Party & Dinner

WHERE: Sunrise Beach Civic Center

WHEN: December 15th, 5:30pm (Social) & 6:00pm (Dinner)

WHY? We are glad you asked! The agenda includes:

  • Swearing in the 2023 Officers
  • Dinner and Testimonies
  • Games and Singing
  • Prize drawings (Those who RSVP for the party ahead of time get two tickets!

HLRW Members bring your spouse, a friend or a loved one! Call or text 830-275-2952 to let us know you plan to attend. We would love for our members to please bring a food item, drinks, or a prize item. Let us know in advance, so we can coordinate for a successful event.

Event RSVP Form (to confirm attendance)
RSVP by checking the box(s) next to the date(s) you plan to attend. We will add you to the list. Thank you very much for letting us know!!