There are several ways to be involved with HLRW.


Donate dollars towards the HLRW Scholarship Fund or wherever HLRW needs the help most. Donate one time or have monthly donations set up. In-Kind Donations are welcome, too! (See section below for In-Kind or business donations.)


Volunteer your time to help work (bake, make, or create) at/towards any general meeting, special event or fundraiser. (See Volunteer Sign Up Sheet below)


Active Member– You can join with us by becoming an Active participating Member of HLRW. Active Members can vote in general meetings. We ask that you attend at least one meeting a month. Check out the HLRW Calendar for meeting dates!

Associate Member- You can join us by becoming an Associate Member if you have an existing membership already with another Republican organization. Men (usually Members’ spouses) can become Associate Members, as well.

Thank you for considering us. We really need you!

What would you like to sign up for? Which day(s) are you available to help? Check all boxes that apply.
Check all boxes that apply.

For Businesses or In-Kind Donations:

Regarding Donations
If you are interested in donating, but, have a few questions, please complete this form. If you are a Business and would like to make a monetary donation, please fill out this form and the HLRW Treasurer will be contacting you.
HLRW’s Treasurer needs this required information.