Hi Everyone,

Just forwarding information from Mary Heffernan on a Poll Watcher Training opportunity and thought you might want to pass it along to your precinct chairs and election workers. The ZOOM training option may appeal to some folks in your county. The ZOOM session is limited to 99 people. Anyone interested will need to RSVP. -PAT RICHARDS


SREC SD24 Committeewoman

Begin forwarded message:

From: Mary Heffernan <mpheffernan837@yahoo.com>


Dear TFRW / TX Republican Grassroots:

With the November 2022 Election right around the corner, we need YOUR participation and leadership in being the front line volunteers at our polling locations!  Without well trained poll watchers and election workers in place at every single level of the election process, we open up our counties to SERIOUS vulnerabilities.  It is urgent we get a system in place NOW to be ready for the 2024 presidential election! 

  We are offering Poll Watcher training to all our grassroots volunteers and this training addresses four basic objectives in being a poll watcher-

  1. Poll Watcher Readiness
  2. Locations one can serve including Central Count, Signature Verification Committee, Early Voting Ballot Board and all polling locations during Early Voting and Election Day.
  3. Required documents and what to have ready on your assigned day.
  4. Escalation Process–Information about Protect the Vote Hotline and Reporting System.

We have completed two In PersonTrainings and have one ZOOM call remaining for you to sign up and attend. This is limited to up to 99 people. PLEASE RSVP in advance of September 1-2022 and we will forward the ZOOM link to you.

Lucy Trainor, RPT Regional Election Integrity Director, will be leading the ZOOM training session.This is timely as Poll Watchers must recertify with the SOS office beginning September 1-2022 for the November election. In addition, Lucy will share additonal trainings available for in person training too.

Remote ZOOM Training CALL for up to 99 people on/MUST RSVP:

09-01-2022 @ 9:30 – 11 AM – via ZOOM Online (using phone,Ipad, or PC)

Please rsvp to mpheffernan837@yahoo.com to join this Poll Watchers ZOOM Training, and the details needed to log into the ZOOM call will be provided to you. 

Please act on this today- help election integrity as a Poll Watcher!

Thank you to NWARW, Lucy Trainor, Josh Goldman, and Linda Durnin, in helping to faciltiate this ZOOM opportunity to grassroots volunteers in TX!

Mary Heffernan

SD14 TFRW District Director/ TFRW AT-Large Board Member

TCRP Precinct Chair

Travis County Election Worker/Judge


You Are Invited! HLRW Social – “Left, Right, Center – Have You Lost Your Beans?”

For Members, guests, and those interested in HLRW

Kingsland Public Library, 125 West Polk Street, Kingsland, TX 78639

Come join us for light refreshments, fellowship, and fun.  Engaging opportunities include:

  • hearing all about Llano County’s latest happenings.
  • getting reacquainted with members.
  • meeting HLRW newest members.
  • and having a great time playing Left, Right, and Center!

RSVP below to join us for this or any monthly meeting or special event.

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Note from Pat

Hello Llano County Republican Women! 

    As we wrap up our summer break, we are having a few get togethers. We have experienced a good attendance at our other summer functions and gained new members and am looking forward to getting to know you all better.  

Next week we will be having a last summer fling with 2 game days- one to be held be at the new and improved Llano Library meeting room on August 9th Tuesday at noon to 1:30 and the following week on Thursday the 18th at the Kingsland library from 6:30-8 pm

This has been a difficult year with a not to pleasant beginning, but we have seen growth in areas we never thought possible. I am reminded of the scripture “a house divided cannot stand” so ladies we need to unify and come together for a common goal of not only electing Republican candidates but informing our friends, neighbors, and family about how to make their voice heard thru education, good articles, flash legislation updates, and understanding what bills mean. As an election judge for several years the comments I hear the most are “what does this mean, and I don’t know any of these people.” 

This is our goal to make informed voters in our county. We must garner our talents to be effective in our county. Will you join us in this venture? Even if you only have a limited amount of time just sharing articles or videos can help on Facebook, Trump Social or next door. 

We have an awesome PR person, Jessica Grabert, who will help any of us with any media questions and teach us how to network with each other so we can grow and show this county how we stand together in this fight.  Thank you, Annette Sandoval, for getting us 100 pocket constitutions from Hillsdale College. Who would like to do the same? 

Please consider coming and having a good time and getting to meet fellow fighters for freedom! If we don’t make a difference in Llano who will? 

With gratitude and humility, 

Pat Richards