Message From HLRW President, Pat Richards

From the President 

I am encouraged, excited, and full of enthusiasm!  We have had 2 great summer meetings and have welcomed in several more ladies to our club.  I want to formally welcome: 

Diane Smith 

Paula James 

Jamie Bishop 

Darlene Pillows 

Tracy Gurley 

Susan Peace 

Dena Arnold 

Nan Jones 

Joanne Rimkus 

Shirley Coffman 

Debbie Foster

So very glad to have you on our team! 

Speaking of teams:  

 Paula James is forming a voter registrar team to go all about Llano County signing up voters. She wants 2-3 ladies a month to sign up for training in this area, then she will organize community outreach locations. Please contact her directly at 512-755-2616. 

Diane Smith who does a fantastic job of raising money for our scholarship fund thru bake sales. Her next bake sales are July 29 at Ace Hardware in Kingsland and then again on Saturday, Aug. 6th, at Buddies Gas Station in Kingsland. She would like for a few ladies to sign up to spell her for a short break during those times.   She is asking that you donate your special, home baked cookies and breads for the many contract workers who just love to get yummy snacks. Call her for more information at 805-266-6462. 

We also have legislative teams forming to keep us informed on what is going on in Austin, Llano County, the Llano School Board, and of course, DC.  If a bill comes up for a vote that needs our attention and phone calls, they are going to let us know via website or outlook. We need to let our politicians know we are watching them and remind them that they work for us and sometimes need to justify their votes.  

The Membership Team needs ladies to work in Llano and Kingsland areas to recruit new ladies to join in this fight to keep Texas Red.  Jeannette Francois is the Membership Chairwoman to contact to sign on to this effort.   You can contact her at 281-798-8289. 

Bottom line- No one person can do it all!  We need each other to be effective as a club. 

We are determined to be a red wall between us and the craziness of Austin!  So, our goal is to educate friends, neighbors, and anyone willing to listen to our Republican platform, using the common sense and logic God endowed us with. 

-Let’s begin the conversation! 

-Come when you can. 

-Meet new members with a common goal. 

-Practice smiling again. 

-Let’s Laugh and have fun while doing our job! 

                                        With my deepest respect, 

                                              Patricia Richards