Legislative Day 2019

What at beautiful view!  This was taken from our room at the Capitol Sheridan where the 2019 TFRW Legislative Day was held on April 25, 2019.  Three members from HLRW comprised the delegation this year, Kathy Oles, Janet Mayne and Ginger Shilts.

We arrived on the 24th so we could visit the Capitol and get our bearings.  We attempted to visit with ur legislators, Rep. Andrew Murr and Sen. Dawn Buckingham but both were busy on the floor so we just signed in and left them a small gift of appreciation from our club.

Girls just wanna have fun!

That evening, we attended the “Belles and Boots” event put on by TFRW at Sholtz Garden.  It was a fun evening meeting and chatting with people from all over the state.  We met State Attorney General Ken Paxton, Sen. Donna Campbell, Justice Jeff Rose and a few other dignitaries.

Kathy Oles made the group photo while Janet and Ginger held her a seat in the Gallery
A short visit with Sen Dawn Buckingham

On Thursday, we assembled at the Capitol Building for a group photo and then witnessed the opening of both the House and Senate sessions where they declared it to be TFRW Day!

Both Galleries were bathes in RED worn by women from all over the State of Texas.  We had a short visit with Senator Buckingham and then returned to the Hotel for a luncheon and workshops.


House Gallery is filled with RED!
Senate Gallery