February 12, 2019 Program Features Bill Hussey


The old Schoolhouse Rock song says he’s just a Bill but we know him as “Bill Hussey!”  Bill is a local community member who is very active in all things political.  He is he founder and current Vice President of the Llano Tea Party.  He will give a presentation about the steps involved for a bill to become law, how we can become involved and the current mandate shared by Texas Republicans to KEEP TEXAS RED!

Join us for lunch at the Llano Library on February  12th at 12 noon.  Lunch is $10.

A message from our Membership Chair:

Hey Friend!

Let me tell you, I am excited about the dynamic new leadership of HLRW this year!  This club prays for our state and for our country and reaches out in various ways to our community (school kids and Vets).

The monthly meetings (2nd Tuesday at the Llano Library at noon) offers speakers to learn from about laws and leadership in local, state and federal governments, and the opportunity to fellowship with each other over the $10 catered lunch.

Texas is very important in the national elections.  So, let us unite to keep Texas Red (Conservative)!!!  Even if you belong to another club, come add to our efforts while we commit to add to yours!

I hope to see your sweet face on Feb 12th.  Mark your calendar!

Sincerely, Eva Carter, Membership Chair