Dalton Ward is Awarded HLRW 2015 Scholarship

Scholarship presentationOn May 27, 2015, HLRW awarded a $1000 scholarship to Dalton Ward, a local Llano High School Senior.  In August, Dalton enrolled at Texas Tech in Lubbock.  We wish him well in his studies.  Here is a copy of his winning essay:

Right to Feel Secure

While a militia is less of a priority today than it was in 1791 when it was ratified, I still believe in the idea of civilians being able to fend for themselves.  Not only does the 2nd amendment make its supporters feel safer, it also proves useful to them in the event of a catastrophe.

The piece of mind that a firearm can grant its carrier can prevent them from feeling unsafe and unprotected.  Without the ability to defend themselves from a potential attacker or threat, people feel vulnerable and sometime afraid.  The people of America should never feel this way.  According to the fathers of our country it is the duty of the government to ensure the safety and well-being of the governed.  Regardless of if you support the right to bear arms or not, you more than likely agree that we should be able to feel safe in our own home.  For some people, they will not feel safe without a firearm in their home.  These people deserve the right to their firearm, considering they follow all rules and regulations set by the government.

I recognize the fact that some people shouldn’t  have firearms regardless of their rights, people that have killed, are suicidal, or with an extensive criminal record.  Today, firearms are legal; today there are these types of people that are able to obtain firearms.  The reality of it is, is that these people that should not have a gun, have obtained them illegally anyway.  Taking away everyone’s right to bear arms will not totally stop these people from obtaining a firearm.

Our 2nd amendment should be preserved, times have changed from the 1700’s but the amendment is still relevant to today’s world.  To take away our right to bear arms is to take away many people’s sense of security.

-Dalton Ward, May 2015